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Reclaiming new urban construction spaces with wood

20 April 2017

In metropolitan areas, the land is a scare resource. In Munich, new urban construction solution took shape with light-weight wooden solution built with CLT by Stora Enso.


"With wood, we can keep the construction costs in a reasonable level and take new spaces into construction use"

In the metropolitan areas and city centers, the space division between parking and housing is a continuous challenge. Parking facilities take up a lot of land space leaving a lot of free air above. In Munich, the CLT Dantebad project was erected above the parking area of a public swimming pool.

The new 100 flat apartment house stands actually on a concrete platform placed on columns. “The platform is above the parking area, and the timber structure and flats sit on this platform. It is some sort of foundation above the ground floor,” explains Sebastian Hernandez, Building Solutions Business Development Manager for Germany.

The main construction material is, however, engineered wood or CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) – a lightweight solution enabling new usage of space above the parking area. In addition to its light weight, wooden buildings also act as carbon storages during their lifetime. The amount of CLT used in this project was around 1 000 m3.

“Munich is a really expensive city to live in. With wood, we can keep the construction costs in a reasonable level in addition to new spaces taken into construction use,” Sebastian continues.

The construction of the new four-storey building took only six months thanks to the good prefabrication possibilities offered by CLT. The solution was designed in a way that enabled to save the parking space with almost all parking lots untouched.

Project info:
Location: Munich, Germany
Architect: Florian Nagler
Partner: Huber&Sohn
CLT volume: 1000 m³
Photos: Huber&Sohn, Roland Weegen