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Wood Products division

aims to be the leading provider of innovative wood-based solutions.

Overview and facts
Stora Enso's Wood Products division provides versatile wood-based solutions for building and housing. Our product range covers all areas of construction, including massive wood elements and wood components. We also offer sawn timber goods, and pellets for sustainable heating. Our customers are mainly merchants and retailers, industrial integrators, and construction companies.

Wood-based solutions a foundation for further growth
The Wood Products division aims to transform from a traditional classic sawn producer to a leading provider of innovative wood-based solutions. It is the largest supplier of wooden construction material in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. In addition, we aim to develop our classic sawn segment by increasing the efficiencies in the value chain, growing profitable segments and investing in costcompetitive locations, to establish a foundation for further growth in building components and systems. 

New innovative solutions in massive wooden building components have allowed wood to enter into new construction end-uses traditionally dominated by concrete and steel. Our target is to capture market share from competing materials.

Differentiation offers value to our customers
The Wood Products division is well positioned to capture the growth opportunity created by current megatrends such as urbanisation, eco-awareness and digitalisation. The fragmented structure of the market provides a unique opportunity for Stora Enso, as a strong player, to position itself against competitors and gain market share from competing materials. The relatively low level of technical development within the industry provides opportunities for differentiation for the larger producers, as well as the ability to invest, for example, in digitalisation.

The Wood Products division’s global sales network and a broad product portfolio create a competitive edge in terms of global knowhow. In addition, we differentiate through innovative service offerings such as our integrated distribution centres, building systems and building components, as well as eBusiness solutions. This supports sales growth in all product segments. 

The division has more than 20 production units in Europe and operates globally.

Focusing on new product and service launches
The Wood Products division’s capability to drive innovation and introduce new products and materials to the market is essential for growth. We encourage customer involvement at a very early stage of the process. Digitalisation is an important tool for optimising processes and realising operational efficiency throughout the value chain. For example, drones are used for taking inventory of thewoodyard, and the production volumes can be adjusted based on digitally obtained demand and log information. 

Building on Stora Enso's group-wide synergies, we drive codevelopment with all divisions, including development in biocomposites, as well as investigating the potential of utilising lignin as adhesive in our engineered wood production together with the Biomaterials division.
Stora Enso operations and locations
4 000 employees

Wood Products division has some 4 000 employees worldwide

EUR 1.7 billion

Our sales in 2017 were EUR 1669 million, with an operational EBIT of EUR 111 million

5.6 million cubic metres

of sawn wood products, including 2.6 million cubic metres of value-added products