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New challenges waiting in Varkaus

​In a less than a year, the new LVL production line will be up and running in Varkaus. Being a completely new product for Stora Enso Wood Products’ portfolio, the production line needs new expertise and competences from the people soon to be running the production. The recruitment process has now started.

Text: Stora Enso

Photo: Stora Enso

​“When up and running with full speed, the new production line will need some 80 people for the operations. In the first ramp-up phase, the need of new personnel is approximately 60,” says Pekka Riihimäki, HR Director for Wood Products. The estimated total employment impact for the region is 150 full-time jobs.
“We want to have people who are eager to learn and rethink.”
”LVL is a mature and well-known technique, but Stora Enso’s innovation enables cost-efficient wooden building elements as a complement to CLT in non-visual applications. LVL will expand our product portfolio and strengthen our market position in building elements,” explains Jari Suominen, Head of Stora Enso Wood Products.

A learning experience
Stora Enso Wood Products is searching both internally and externally in order to find the right people for the new positions. “We want to have people who are eager to learn and rethink,” Riihimäki continues.
Varkaus is an ideal location for this kind of production. “Besides utilising the available premises and the industrial infrastructure and efficient logistics, we see a clear benefit in terms of raw material availability and wood sourcing optimisation. The panel production will be using spruce and birch, partly also in sizes that we have not been able to utilise to the fullest before,” describes Riihimäki.
Being close to existing operations also enables knowledge sharing: Part of the tasks at the new production line can be divided between the existing and new operations in Varkaus. For those selected for the LVL mill, there will be some intensive studying before the line starts during Q2 2016.

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