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Aika stage – Showcasing the versatility of massive wood

09 August 2017

Stora Enso co-operated with Aalto University to create one of the event stages for SuomiAreena, the public debate forum held in Pori, Finland in July 2017. The outcome is the Aika (Time) stage made of Stora Enso’s laminated veneer lumber (LVL) produced in Varkaus.

100 legs symbolising Finland’s era of independence

The Aika stage received praises throughout the event for its visual appeal and versatility.

Designed in honour of Finland’s centenary year of independence the base of the stage consists of 50 LVL frames with 100 legs. The surface area is approximately 300 square metres, capable of hosting over 150 spectators.

Now as the forum is over, the stage will be moved to Aalto University’s campus in Otaniemi, Espoo, to enrich the lives of students and the public.

The Aika stage is an outstanding piece of work, combining high-quality Finnish wood material, design and processing expertise. 

The strength of the LVL structure enabled long span lengths and large interior spaces. Due to the high load bearing capacity, LVL could be used for the floor, walls and the roof.


Staying dry even when it rains. The stage is covered with translucent glass.