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First Nordic PEFC Certified Building Project in Seinäjoki Housing Fair

17 February 2016

​​​​The​​re is a growing discussion about sustainable practices and environmental effects in the construction industry. Information on the origin of raw materials is a part of a responsible building project. PEFC certification provides verified assurance that the wood used originates from responsibly managed forests and is legal. Wood can be traced back to sustainably managed forests throughout the supply chain.


The wood apartment building, Mäihä, has 28 apartments including 10 studio apartments and 18 three-room apartments. The site will introduce widely the use of wood in housing which is also shown in the decoration of the apartments.​ 

The apartment building to be built in Seinäjoki Housing Fair, Mäihä, is the first PEFC Project Chain of Custody certified building in the Nordic countries. “We are pleased that the first Nordic PEFC construction project will be introduced primarily in Finland. There have been good experiences on project certification including a certified apartment building in England and a certified framework for a sports festival in Italy”, says Auvo Kaivola, Secretary General of PEFC Finland.

The PEFC apartment building is constructed by Lakea Oy. “We are pioneers in wood construction in Finland therefore we wanted to be also the first ones in project certification. The use of CLT-elements offers many opportunities and guarantees, among other things, the rapid erection of the building. We want to develop wood construction practices in Finland”, says Timo Mantila, Chief Executive Officer of Lakea Oy. The construction will be built from modules, which are assembled in Stora Enso's mill. The raw material CLT (cross-laminated timber) is PEFC-certified.

PEFC project certification is based on Chain of Custody practices. The subject of the certification is an individual project such as a wood building. A building is issued a PEFC certificate after independent third party verification proves that the project adheres to PEFC requirements.

Seinäjoki Housing Fair will take place on 8.7.-7.8.2016 in Seinäjoki, in the area of Pruukinranta. Seinäjoki is located in the central West region of Finland.