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Launching Building Systems by Stora Enso across Europe

10 January 2017

Stora Enso is transforming to an innovative provider of higher value products and solutions in the wood products business. To make this happen, Stora Enso promotes Building Systems based on building components like CLT and LVL.

For the first time in the wood industry, there exist comprehensive guidelines and building system descriptions on how to build multi-storey houses from wood. Building Systems by Stora Enso have been launched during 2016 in six focus countries, i.e. the UK, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Finland, and France.

Up to date, two systems have been launched, one for residential multi-storey buildings (based on prefabricated massive wood panels), and one for prefabricated residential modular buildings (based on prefabricated modules).

 “With these initiatives, Stora Enso is taking important steps to grow the wood construction market in Europe and to promote wood as the building material of the future,” says Mathieu Robert, Director for Focus Markets in Building Solutions.

The nine launch events organized in six countries attracted altogether more than 700 attendees including, amongst others, real estate developers, architects, city planners, local government, building engineers, and construction companies. They all represent Wood Products’ target audiences either as decision makers or as key influencers.

“We are now in a position to share our accumulated wood building expertise. However, we are not a construction company, nor are we the architects creating tomorrow´s houses. Thus, we need partners to team up with, partners who also believe they can make a difference. The launch events are a great platform for developing the partner ecosystem and spreading the good news,” Robert explains.

Stora Enso will continue to launch new systems in addition to the first two ones, with launches planned for 2017.