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New in our CLT product portfolio – visible quality special surfaces

30 July 2015

​With immediate effect, CLT is also available as a standard with a 20 mm additional layer in the following wood species: pine, larch, silver fir and swiss pine.


The new special surfaces have many advantages. Not only do they offer our customers a greater choice, but they also save time at the construction site as they are pre-fabricated at the plant. The CLT elements are delivered with dimensions of up to 2.95 m × 16 m directly to the construction site.

Quality in every detail

Manufactured by means of sustainable processes, refined with care, worked with superior skill, this wood construction material meets exceptional quality standards. Stora Enso CLT is available in non-visible, industrial visible and visible quality, and each individual panel is supplied with a sanded surface. The individual lamellas are sorted according to criteria specified by Stora Enso.


Please visit our CLT website to read more: