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New showroom built in Amsterdam

16 May 2016

​​​​​​Wood Products' Amsterdam unit proudly opens up its brand new showroom, where customers and other stakeholders can see the wooden products in their real-life end usages.

"We wanted to build this showroom because we are offering a range of new product concepts for our customers. The showroom is about presenting our products in real use so that the customers will get an idea how products can be used and how do they look like inside the stores, that Stora Enso supplies," says Allard Eckhardt taking care of Product development and quality issues in Wood Products' Amsterdam unit. Allard has also been actively participating in the showroom creation.


"We are trying to increase the amount of value added products for decorative and design purposes. Customers want to see how these products look like and what they can do with it. It is quite different from selling classic sawn and planed wood," he continues.

Showroom is built with products that are new in the markets or that are special in some other way.

"It is all about giving wider range of examples what you can do with wood – the renewable and sustainable raw material of ours."