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SRV and Stora Enso partner up to build multi-storey wooden residential housing for City of Helsinki

06 May 2014
Press Release

The Helsinki Housing Production Department ATT has contracted SRV and Stora Enso to build four 5- to 7-storey residential buildings from wood. The houses, to be built at Eskolantie in the Helsinki Pukinmäki area, will provide 93 right-of-occupancy and rental homes. The construction work starts in May, and the residents will be able to move in as early as summer 2015. The relatively short construction time is based on modular elements.

“The houses will be assembled on-site from prefabricated modules, similarly to Legos. The installation phase will only take three months. Windows, surface materials and fittings are installed in the wooden modules already at the manufacturing plant. This method will guarantee a high-quality end result as we will avoid impacts caused by the weather, temperature, moisture variations and other on-site difficulties,” says Production Director Antti Raunemaa from SRV.
The Helsinki Housing Production Department ATT organised a competition called Design and Construct (Suunnittele ja Rakenna, SR) in early 2013 to select the design for the Pukinmäki project.
“Our requirement was the use of wooden structures. The winner was selected on the basis of the best overall economy, consisting of the tender price, energy efficiency as well as functional, aesthetic and technical quality,” says Risto Mykkänen, head of ATT’s construction projects.
The modular element solution based on CLT-prefabricates turned out to have the best overall economy. SRV won the tender jointly with Stora Enso. The winning entry was designed by Matti Iiramo Architects.
​The modules for the multi-storey buildings will be manufactured from Stora Enso’s cross-laminated CLT panels at the company’s Pälkäne plant in Finland.
“The multi-storey residential buildings at Eskolantie are an appropriate solution for the challenging housing market of the capital area. It provides good economy, safety, ecological sustainability and compatibility with the surrounding community. At the same time, the Eskolantie blocks of flats represent a long-awaited pioneering project in utilising wood to create affordable urban housing in Helsinki,” says Matti Mikkola, Senior Vice President, Building Solutions, Stora Enso Building and Living.

Urban wooden construction heads to Jätkäsaari
SRV and Stora Enso will join forces to make Helsinki’s Jätkäsaari area a model of urban wood architecture by creating Wood City, an entire city quarter of wooden buildings. ATT’s SR competition in the spring of 2013 also included the wooden multi-storey buildings to be erected in Jätkäsaari. The winning entry came from SRV and Stora Enso, a proposal to build two multi-storey wooden residential houses as well as an architectonically impressive office building and hotel. The houses will be built applying the same principle as in the Eskolantie project, and will include approximately 100 homes.
Once completed, Wood City will be a masterpiece of modern wood architecture, aimed at raising Finnish know-how in this area to the highest international level. The developers of Wood City will be Stora Enso Building and Living, SRV and ATT. The construction work on Wood City will start in the autumn of 2014. The entire quarter will be completed in 2016.

SRV Yhtiöt Oyj

For more information:
Antti Raunemaa, Production Director, SRV, +358 40 564 4105
Risto Mykkänen, head of construction projects, Helsinki Housing Production Department ATT,
​+358 9 310 32312
Matti Mikkola, SVP, Building Solutions, Stora Enso Building and Living, +358 40 829 4026​