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Stora Enso pellet webshop now in Finland

14 November 2014

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Stora Enso opens up a pellet web shop in Finland. The shop offers its customers in Kitee region an easy and efficient way to order pellets. The shop serves company and private sector customers alike. 

”Similar web shop has been running in Sweden since 2009. In Finland, pellet production began in Stora Enso’s Kitee unit during this spring. The web shop that now opens up in Finland offers our customers an easy way to directly order their pellets from the producer”, says Mauno Väyrynen, pellet production and sales manager.

The pellet production began in Kitee in March 2014. The main market for Kitee pellets is in the dignity of the unit in Northen Carelia. 

Stora Enso pellets are premium quality blond pellets. Pellets are energy efficient and they do not include additional ingredients – the whole product is pure, pressed wood. It is a natural choice for environmentally aware customers. 

Stora Enso Pellets in detail: 

  • • Diameter 8mm 

  • • Dry content approx. 91% 

  • • Ash content ≤ 0,3% 

  • • Ash melting point approx. 1400 °C 

  • • Density approx. 650 kg/m3 

  • • Energy per kg approx. 4,85 kWh 

  • • Energy per m3 approx. 3120 kWh 

Remember to check out your pellet situation and order Stora Enso pellets easily through the webshop before the heating season begins.