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Stora Enso to deliver pellets to City of Joensuu and Varkauden Aluelämpö

28 May 2015

Stora Enso has signed a two-year pellet delivery agreement with both the City of Joensuu and Varkauden Aluelämpö, a district heating company. 

The agreement with Joensuu covers the delivery of pellets to five separate locations. The deliveries have already begun. The agreement also includes the option to extend the contract for two years. 

In early 2015, Varkauden Aluelämpö decided to convert two of its power plant’s oil boilers for pellet combustion. Varkauden Aluelämpö also views the project as an important step forward for Finnish suppliers that will help them to meet tightening environmental demands in a cost-efficient manner. Construction is ongoing and Stora Enso’s pellet deliveries will take off in autumn 2015.