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Wood Products’ Ala sawmill biomass-fired boiled plant from KPA Unicon

14 January 2016

​​Stora Enso Wood Products will acquire a biomass-fired hot water boiler plant to Ala Sawmill from boiler plant supplier KPA Unicon.

The new boiler will enable utilization of sawmill by-products for sustainable heat production. T​​​he new 15 MWth boiler plant will utilize sawmill by-products like bark and wood residues as fuel, and it will produce hot water to the sawmill´s drying kilns. 

"This boiler plant project is a great example of a case where process hot water is produced in a sustainable way. It is important that the boiler plants at sawmills get to utilize the least valuable by-product bark as fuel", comments Teemu Koskela, Sales Director, in KPA Unicon’s release.
The boiler investment was first announced on 14 December 2015.