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Wood Products launches a Global Responsibility tool

26 March 2015

​​Do you feel that it is important to use materials, resources and energy in an efficient way without wasting them? Do you know what is a Chain of Custody or how much carbon is stored in wood?

Global Responsibility underpins our thinking and our approach to every aspect of doing business in Stora Enso. A new e-tool opens up the Global Responsibility strategy of Stora Enso as well as issues that are specific for the Wood Products division.

“This new tool highlights the meaning of sustainability in all parts of our value chain. We source materials in a responsible way. In the manufacturing, we continuously work to achieve excellence in environment and safety. For our products we use the wooden raw material to the fullest,” says Anna-Liisa Myllynen, Head of Global Responsibility in Wood Products.

“Renewability of our main raw material, wood, is a significant strength for our business. In addition to that, we continuously develop different tools and services that bring added value to our customers and stakeholders. The Global Responsibility tool is a great example of sharing information online,” says Jörgen Hermansson, Head of Strategic Marketing and Sales Europe in Wood Products.

Exploring of the entire material takes about 30 minutes but also a shorter review is possible. Find out more about sustainable forestry, benefits of wood products and responsible operations here.