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Wood City - Natural creativity

An entire city block full of innovative business premises, unique design and urban community spirit in Jätkäsaari, in downtown Helsinki.
Residents and hotel guests, business people and holidaymakers will meet under the open lobby area's gently undulating ceiling. 
Wood City will bustle with life around the clock.​


Photo by: AOA Architects

Wood City, comprised of an office building, a hotel and two apartment buildings, will be a masterpiece of the latest wooden construction.
“Wood provides excellent opportunities for constructing special architecture. In Wood City, impressive city architecture will meet modern wood-based building solutions in a unique way”, says Antti Raunemaa, Production Director, SRV Group.
Stora Enso and construction company SRV will start the construction of Wood City in 2014. The first buildings are expected to be ready in late 2015 and the office building in 2016. 
The Wood City residential buildings will be built using massive, wood-based modular technology. Stora Enso’s CLT (cross-laminated timber) modules are built in a factory and assembled at the construction site. A construction system based on these wooden elements enables approximately 20 – 70 % faster assembly than competing solutions, depending on the construction method.
“Wood provides excellent opportunities for constructing special architecture. In Wood City, impressive city architecture will meet modern wood-based building solutions in a unique way”, says Antti Raunemaa.​​ 
A new kind of concept
Service design is the key element in the planning of the space and service concept for the public spaces in the hotel and office building of Wood City.  Future users of Wood City’s premises will be engaged in the development and testing of the created area and service ideas in workshops together with the designers, builders and other professionals.
The office of the future will no longer be just a geometric concept or the place where you work but also a service that functions as a tool for a company’s strategy. A company located in Finland’s most impressive wooden city block will gain brand value and be regarded as a trailblazer. Modern layout solutions will increase efficiency, and it will be possible to tailor the space to each user’s needs.
The results of the service design project will be drawn up into the Space and Service Concept, which will create innovative services and extraordinary space layouts as well as give new opportunities for co-operation between tenants and support their own businesses in Wood City.
Relax in the wooden hotel
Wood City will also be a good base for travel, work or leisure providing a splendid setting for a memorable hotel stay and allowing the mind and body relax. The novel use of space will create flexibility and innovative modes of operation. Different users will benefit from the synergy sharing the services of the area for example the foyer and restaurant could be shared by the hotel residents and office building tenants. 
This new urban quarter will be located in the Jätkäsaari harbor district in the heart of Helsinki with shopping, theatres and other attractions of the city of Helsinki just a short distance from Wood City.
Ecological choice
Wood City will be the ecological choice for its users. The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) environmental qualification of the offices in Wood City will mean energy efficiency and, thus, savings in operating costs for the property. 
Wood is a 100 % renewable building material which absorbs carbon dioxide from the air while it is growing. Carbon is stored in a wooden building throughout its existence so the carbon footprint is significantly smaller than that of a building made of competing materials.