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Calculatis by Stora Enso is an online software tool, to support engineers on the design of timber structures. With Calculatis you can accurately design floors, roofs, columns, beams, headers, supports, continuous beams or CLT and LVL panels. 


It is independent from any operating system and can be used through your web browser. The software is entirely translated to 6 different languages. Output files (PDF) can be created in each of these languages, independent from the operating language.


The software, peviously called CLTengineer, is now extended with the following items:

  • Connection design
    Building physics (thermal analysis and condensation)
    Fire design (E and I criterion)
    Design according to Swiss building code (SIA)
    Design of laminated veneer lumber (LVL)


The use of the software is free of charge and more than 5 000 registered users worldwide are using it. Simply register in order to be granted access by Stora Enso.


Visit the site: