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Sawn timber for various purposes

Providing standard grades and dimensions for joinery purposes and construction end-uses.

Classic sawn

​​​​​For high quality products we use only the best quality raw ​material. Our Nordic, Central European, Baltic and Russian units are locate​d close to the best, slowly grown, forest areas.  
Flexible dimensions and lengths

Accurately sawn, kilned and graded according to wood features​.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our manufacturing processes are designed for different customer needs and they are continuously improved and developed with changing requirements. Stora Enso Wood Products units utilize the most modern log X-ray and automatic grading technology to select the best raw material for each end use – reducing handling costs and raw material waste.

Goods are cut and graded according to the customer needs. The wide range of qualities and dimensions meets all your requirements.

We offer highly accurate size tolerances, stable supply, continuous development in products and services and the most suited​ log quality to each product.

High quality sawn timber for joinery purposes
Stora Enso provides standard grades and dimensions for different joinery purposes. Typical examples are U/S quality for window manufacturers, sound knot qualities and plattenware for interior products, such as furniture manufacturing, interior panels and doors and Rohhobler for planing mills. SF (sawn falling), PF production falling) and V grades for several end uses complete the selection. ​


Technical details (click here)

Thickness (mm)
​​​​​Width (mm)
​​​​Length (m)
​Wood species 
Pine or spruce​​​
​Rough sawn​
​Moisture content (%)
Standard 16–18 ± 2 ​, possibilities from green (no KD) to 8 ± ​2​
​A(U/S), B(fifths), C(sixths) and their grade mixes, 0-4, 0-5, 3-5 and their grade mixes​, MB/V, MB/PF and grade mixes
LP, TP, Packaging protection: ​5-sided renewable wrapping / without wrapping / top layer protection​​
​​​Produced in​​
Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland​, Sweden
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​High quality sawn timber for construction ​
Stora Enso provides standard and customised qualities and sizes for the building industry, such as for glulam, three-ply board, log house and wall element producers. Typical examples are raw material for Gurte and Scaffold boards, KVH, and various lamellas for building purposes. ​


Technical details (click here)

​​Thickness (mm)
Width (mm)
​Length (m)
​2.7–6.0 in 30cm modules
2.5–6.0 in 50cm modules
​Wood species 
Pine or spruce​
Rough sawn​
Moisture content (%)
​Standard moisture content between 10–20 ± 2, green, customised KD on request
Standard grading SF, PF, 0​-3, 0-4, 0-5, customised grade mixes
LP, TP, Package protection: 5-sided recyclable wrapping / without wrapping / top layer protection​
Produced in
Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland​, Sweden
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​High quality sawn timber for basic packaging wood
Wood is a natural and durable choice for transport and packing end uses. Stora Enso provides nearly sharp-edged sideboard products as well as wane products mainly for packaging, pallets and cable drums. Our units are located close to the European pallet industry to support their needs. ​


Technical details (click here)

Thickness (mm)
Width (mm)
​Length (m)
​Wood species
Pine or spruce​
​Rough sawn
Moisture content (%)
​Standard moisture content 20 ± 2
​Nordic and CE grading rules
​LP, TP,
5-side renewable wrapping / without wrapping / top layer protection
Produced in
Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Sweden
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