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Building with CLT massive wood

We strongly believe that CLT is the construction material for a sustainable future. CLT offers many advantages over conventional construction materials.

CLT (Cross Laminated Timber)

​​​                cross laminated timber
Dry construction method​

Excellent structural properties

Cross Laminated Timber, CLT by Stora Enso, is a massive wood construction product consisting of bonded single-layer panels arranged at right angles to one another. CLT can measure up to 2.95m in width and 16.00​m in length. CLT panels are made up of several layers and are available in different panel thicknesses dep​endi​ng o​n structural requirements.       
CLT offers virtually boundless possibilities in terms of construction concept, style and architecture, and is fully compatible with other building materials. CLT is suitable for internal and external walls and for ceilings and roofs. The complete finished pre-cut CLT panels are delivered by truck directly to your construction site, ready for fitting by a construction company.

CLT is available in non-visible, industrial visible and visible quality, and each individual panel is supplied with a sanded surface. The individual lamellas are sorted according to criteria specified by Stora Enso.
short set-up time, easy to assemble and high level of prefabrication
sustainable construction method with positive CO2 balance 
CLT is lighter than concrete or brick
excellent fire safety characteristics
earthquake-proof construction method
up to 10% more living space gained by using CLT
comfortable and healthy indoor climate​​​
 For more information please visit our dedicated CLT website:​​