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Ready to install products

High quality exterior claddings, interior wall and ceiling panels and floor boards.

Exterior Cladding and Interior Paneling

Quality for interior and exterior​

Various ready-to-install products

Products for exterior and interior construction
Stora Enso provides ready to install products for exterior claddings, interior wall and ceiling panels and floor boards. The products are suitable for both new constructions and renovations and ideal for construction companies, industry, retailers and DIY builders.

Consistent quality and availability of goods are provided due to many years of production experience, the careful selection of raw materials and modern technologies.

The products are available uncoated or surface treated. There are several types of coatings available: primer, paint, wax or lacquer. All of the products are mini bundled or neatly shrink wrapped in order to achieve clean, long-lasting and user friendly packaging. 

Exterior claddings for sustainable facades
An impressive exterior cladding increases the value of any building. Stora Enso provides high quality cladding boards and weatherboards that are available natural, factory primed or ready finished in all colors on the exterior paint color chart. Industrial priming and painting are cost-effective and they will speed up the construction on-site, improve the quality of the paint and extend the service intervals. Surface treatment is done immediately after planing in order to achieve the best possible function for painting.

High quality panels to complete the interior
Wooden surface gives any room a natural and classic appearance. Stora Enso provides high quality panels that are ideal for indoor ceilings and walls. The warm and elegant wood surface provides a light look while creating a welcoming atmosphere – making the impression of a bigger and brighter room. Panels can also be fully combined with any other decoration materials, for example wallpaper products.
The products are available uncoated or ready finished with wax or varnish. Panels can also easily be treated independently. One of the most popular treatments is white wax varnish with water-based pigment content, which allows you to leave wood grains visible. Processed with wax varnish the surface becomes more dense and strong, it can prevent precipitation of resin and the tone does not become yellow.

Technical details (click here)

​Thickness (mm)7 – 28,5​
Widths (mm)​82 – 280 (also glued panels available)
​Lengths (m)Random lengths (1,8 – 6,0 m, in 30 cm steps)​
Wood speciesspruce or pine​
​Moisture contend (%)8-16 ± 2%
​Grades​A, B, AB
​Produced inEstonia, Finland, the Netherlands​
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For an attractive and elegant floor

Genuine solid wood flooring is pleasant and durable. It balances indoor humidity and has natural sound insulation properties. Wood as a material is natural, pleasant and ecological and brings an attractive and warm look to your home.


Stora Enso provides floorboards that are made from carefully selected sound knotted pine or spruce and have beautiful grain patterns.


Technical details (click here)

Thickness (mm)18 – 29​
Widths (mm)​88 – 146
​Lengths (m)Random lengths (2,1 – 5,4 m, in 30 cm steps)​
Wood speciesspruce or pine​
​Moisture contend (%)8-18 ± 2%
​Grades​A, B, AB
​Produced inEstonia, Finland, the Netherlands​
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