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Adapted to Japanese requirements

Basic raw material for all structural parts of a timber frame house.


Stora Enso provides its Japanese customers a steady supply of basic sawn timber as raw material for all structural parts in a timber frame house. These items are well adapted to Japanese requirements due to their stable and high visual quality and easy further processing.​​​​​​​​​​​​
Basic construction wood

Adapted to Japanese requirements

Exact size tolerances due to modern, state-of-the-art production
Flexible size and length
Consistent and uniform high quality


Technical details (click here)

​Thickness​ (mm) ​25 – 75
​​Widths​ (mm)125 – 220
​Length​ (m)​2.985 – 5.400​​
​Wood species​​​Spruce
​Moisure content (%)​18 +/- 2
​​Grades​​A, B​​
​Strength class​​N/A​
​Produced in​​​Austria, Finland, Sweden​
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