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Posts and Beams for the Japanese market

Structural glue-laminated Posts and Beams for the Japanese market.

Glue laminated Posts and Beams

Stora Enso provides structural glue-laminated posts and beams for the Japanese market. We offer a variety of lengths and heights to meet the needs and demands of the end users. Due to high stability, optimal strength values and planed surface, our posts and beams are easy to build and work with.
Optimal strength values

Accurate size tolerance​

Stable supply guaranteed by integrated operations, from sawing to glue laminating
High quality in accordance with JAS structural glue-laminated ​timber
Accurate size tolerance to match market needs

Technical details (click here)

​Thickn​​​ess​ (​mm)​90, 105, 120 (posts)
90 – 390 (beams)​
​Widths (mm)90, 105, 120​
​Lengths​ (m)​2.650 – 5.985 (post – spruce)
2.650 – 3.985 (post – pine)
2.750 – 5.985 (beams)​
​​Wood species​​Spruce and pine
​Moisture content​ (%)12 +/- 2​
​Grades​According to JAS structural glue-laminated timber​​
​Strength class​​​According to JAS structural glue-laminated timber​
​Produced in​​​Austria, Estonia​
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