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The best components for the joinery industry.

Well-suited for doors and door frames, window frames and furniture.

Industrial Components

Wood is a versatile raw material that can easily be combined with other building materials. Wood has a fascinating and harmonious surface and for thousands of years it has been the natural choice for interior design. Wood has a low thermal conductivity, which makes it a good insulator and helps to achieve better energy efficiency ratings. Wood is also light but has good structural and load-bearing properties.
Stora Enso offers finger-jointed and customized wood components for window, door and joinery industry. Thanks to the uniform quality and dimensional stability Industrial Components by Stora Enso are well-suited for various end use possibilities.

Our customers can improve the performance of their end products by using components where the optimal heartwood content is reached by a careful ​selection of raw material. Thanks to the natural durability of heartwood and the smaller moisture movement the components ensure far greater consistency in stability and durability ​without the need for modification.