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Efficient and sustainable

Pellets provide a natural, sound heating that is gentle to the environment.


​Dealing responsibly and sustainably with our natural resources is one of the cornerstones at Stora Enso. Our pellets are therefore a logical step for us with that we contribute towards reducing global warming and easing the stress on our environment. In other words, we offer not only a highly efficient and environmentally sound, but also an extremely cost effective and reliable heating source. For comfortable heat, fast and simple – Pellets by Stora Enso.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Premium pellets

Extremely energy rich

Wood is our most important raw material. Pellets are a good example of utilising the raw materials more efficiently. We manufacture pellets from sawmill by-products so we can offer a natural, sustainable and renewable heating that is environmentally sound. In addition, the pellet production is integrated directly after the sawing line and therefore reducing unnecessary transportation.

Only wood shavings, dry chips and sawdust are used for the production of the pellets. This is why they are extremely energy-rich and produce a very small volume of ash. 

Our pellets have a good track record not only in terms of energy but also the environment: The heating value of two kilograms of Stora Enso's pellets equals about that of one litre of heating oil. Yet, contrary to oil, burning pellets is CO2-neutral. This means that, when they burn, they release exactly the same amount of carbon dioxide that the trees have stored during their growth.

You can order pellets through our web shop in Finland, Sweden and Czech Republic. The web shop offers an easy way to buy pellets directly from the producer. For more information please visit the webshop: Pellets​

Technical details (click here)

​​​Diameter (mm)6 / ​8
​Dry content (%)approx. 92
​Ash content (%)​≤ 0,4
​Ash melting point (°C)≥ 1400
​Density (kg/m³)​approx. 650
​Energy per kg (kWh)approx. 4,85
​Energy per m³ (kWh)approx. 3.120
​Sweden 1 small bag 16 kg, 1 pallet 52 bags (832kg)​​
Finland 1 big bag 500 kg, truckload 46 bags
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