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Consistent and uniform quality

High-quality windows through carefully selected raw materials

Window components

Stora Enso offers a wide range of mass-customized window components with quality being the key factor. By providing tailored solutions we can help our customers’ window manufacturing processes to be more efficient and productive. 
Tailored solutions

Carefully selected raw material

Glued L-profiled components are designed to match the final window profiles. Significant savings can be achieved by the window producer through the reduction in fibre loss.

Stora Enso is an integrated part of window making in the Nordic countries due to its strong position in market, high know how and integrated value chain. Did you know that 4 out of 10 windows produced in Nordic countries are having window components from Stora Enso? 
Where consistent and unifor​m quality is needed. 

Continuous fibre structure
 Consistent and uniform quality
 Efficient manufacturing through mass-customization

Technical details (click here)

​Thickness / Width (mm)Customer selectable
​Lengths (m)
Customer selectable
​Wood speciesPine​​
​Moisture content (%)12 ± 2
Grades1–4 side clears & sound knot quality
Strength classN/A
ProcessingPlaned, finger-jointed, laminated, module length cut​
Glued productsedge or face ​glued products into L or Block profiles
​Produced in
Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, ​Sweden
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