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Innovative wood-based solutions

Creating high performance and competitive products to meet changing customer needs.

Innovation in wood products

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​R&D and innovation plays a critical role in the strategy of Stora Enso Wood Products​. We are continuously working with new ideas and developing the next generation of wood based solutions for the building and living sector. Our development work is targeted at the whole urban ecosystem where wood brings a lot of benefits, not just because of its "green" credentials but also because of its competitive strength-weight ratio, high prefabrication possibility, good thermal properties, aesthetic features, etc.
Product innovations
One example of recent success stories is our modular technology based on CLT (cross-laminated timber). The modules are built from start to finish indoors and quickly assembled at the construction site. With industrial concepts wood-based multi-storey construction becomes a truly alternative choice for urban construction – a cost-competitive and fast building method that is also a safe and modest choice for residents.
Life cycle analysis
Environment means a great deal for us. Life cycle analysis (LCA) is a tool to assess the environmental impact of the products and production processes. It measures the total environmental impacts of products throughout their whole life cycle. LCA measures usually include the procurement of raw materials, energy use and transportation, generation of waste and emissions and the impacts on water, soil and air. LCAs are also a basis for environmental product declarations and carbon footprint information. ​
Continuous research and collaboration
We continue to develop our product portfolio to meet the challenging and modern demands of today and the future. Our R&D expertise covers the whole chain from wood raw material to converting readymade products. Innovation is not seen as a pure R&D issue but a way of thinking in the whole working environment.  We have close collaboration between universities, our internal research centers and third party research centers globally. We collaborate also with external companies outside the wood industry to rethink totally new solutions.
Collaboration with students can be done in a semi-commercial environment. In Spain we are part of an Open Thesis Fabrication program in collaboration with architect students who are interested in working with manufactures using different raw materials. We can introduce challenges to students and give them our knowledge as support.3-storey CLT building was tested against earthquakes in Lisbon Portugal together with universities and external partners. Series of earthquakes was simulated and CLT showed a perfect performance and no relevant destructions on the connectors and no fractures or deformations on CLT could have been found. Read more:​Stora Enso CLT is convincing again on the issue of air tightness. This was confirmed by the Technical University of Graz Austria with their recently done tests. Already in a three-ply element in the test laboratory according to European standards, despite cracks and millings no air flow through the element can be measured. Read more: CLT air permeability test​​​​