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Wood from sustainable sources

We trace 100% of our wood to ensure it comes from legal and acceptable sources.

Wood is good

​​​​​​Wood has many advantages over the materials made from non-renewable resources.​ Wood is renewable, which means that the supply of wood can be replenished by growing new trees in sustainably managed forests. Wood is recyclable, which means that products made of wood can be recycled many times over, and ultimately burned to produce bioenergy in the end of their life cycle. In addition, growing and sustainably managed forests absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it. This helps mitigate climate change.
1 m³ of wood stores approximately ​one ton of carbon dioxide.​
Construction in the most energy- and resource-efficient way is in everyone’s interest. Wood is a natural and sustainable raw material. The European forests grow faster than they are harvested. During its growth, with the help of solar energy and photosynthesis, a tree absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 1 m³ of wood stores approximately one ton of carbon dioxide. Thus the use of wood plays an active role in reducing the greenhouse effect. A building constructed with solid wood stores carbon for a long period of time. When disassembled after use, a wooden house does not leave behind waste to landfill, but rather recyclable wood materials, which can be re-used, or used as a source of energy.